Ground microphone


Our partner, Gutermann, is a world leader in leak detection technology!


Acoustic ground microphones are used to detect and amplify the noise created by leaks in pressurised pipes.
They are an essential part of any plumber’s and leak detection team’s operating equipment and are used to easily pinpoint exact locations of suspected leaks. (Last step in the generally applicable process Locate-Localise-Pinpoint).

The two basic microphone options to use are the listening stick or the ground microphone.


The floor microphone is extremely robust, weatherproof and acoustically well shielded against interference. It contains a high-performance sensor specially designed for leak noise correlation. The ground microphone is particularly suitable for leak detection on flat terrain and roads.

Ground microphone


The electronic listening sticks are used by plumbers and water workers to find leaks in residential and industrial areas.

Electronic listening stick


The Combined Professional kit includes both the ground microphone foot and the versatile hand-probe for leak sounding in any situation. The set can be dismantled to fit into one comfortable carry case.

Combined professional kit


The "Pocket Ground Microphone" is the solution for all leak locators who want a functional and sensitive ground microphone with the functionality and amplifier qualities of an Aquascope 3, but also absolute portability, flexibility and a low price.

Pocket Ground Microphone


Premium leak detection set - This set contains the same connectable microphones as the Aquascope 3, but is equipped with a more powerful amplifier, larger display and some advanced features for professional leak detection.

Acoustic water leak detection kit

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