CLAYTON Non return/check valve


The CLAYTON Non return/check valve is used for situations where possible backflow is to be prevented.

When the outlet pressure is greater than the inlet pressure, the valve closes. It is installed, for example, after pumps or pumping stations and avoids the backflow in case of pump standstill.

Minimum inlet pressure 0.2 bar, minimum differential pressure 0.5 bar.

  • Rp 1¼”- 1½” (housing shape GE)
  • DN 50 – 600 (body shape NGE)
  • PN 10 / PN 16 / PN 25 / PN 40
  • including optical valve position indicator
  • Made of nodular cast iron EN-GJS-400 epoxy powder coated
  • Stainless steel seat and counter seat
  • Control lines and screw fittings made of stainless steel
  • Diaphragm and seat seal: EPDM according to DVGW W270

Manfred Wagner

Thomas Neuhold

Technical specifications


Subject to changes