Control valves maintenance

Due to the erosive forces of the water and also due to the different water qualities (alluvial bodies, chemical compositions), diaphragms in the main or control valve can rupture, or the seat seal can wear out.

Depending on the application, periodic valve inspection and maintenance should be carried out by specialists who are familiar with the system.

This minimum of maintenance ensures the function of the entire water supply system – it ensures the performance of the valve and thus the preservation of your investment.

Our well-equipped and trained staff knows all the functions of the control valves.

They can retrofit, maintain and, in an emergency, of course, repair faults immediately with the spare parts in their service vehicles.

Already in the planning phase, your engineers are comprehensively supported by Hawle Service: From consulting to dimensioning and commissioning to individual maintenance contracts, we work with you to develop solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs.