Smart monitoring for hydrants

All existing and installed hydrants can be retrofitted with the S.CAP.

After commissioning of the hydrant, all accessible data are registered and documented in our HAWLE.MAP immediately.

Thanks to the innovative sensor concept only one S.CAP per hydrant is required.

Permanent monitoring of all hydrants
Protection of the water supply infrastructure
Hawle.MAP integration
Online alarm via e-mail and/or SMS
Statistics & evaluations

  • The transmission electronics are integrated in a Storz-B cover cap. This means that all above-ground hydrants can be easily retrofitted.
  • Data transmission via GSM network.
  • Simple commissioning procedure via Hawle.MAP (Android & iOS app).
  • The overall focus lies in protecting the high-quality drinking water in the entire pipeline network. Improper operation of the hydrants can influence the drinking water quality. In a worst-case scenario, impurities/contamination can enter the drinking water supply system
    and cause diseases.
  • Furthermore, the S.CAP helps to prevent water theft.
  • Unauthorised water withdrawal is already a problem in times of drought, and climate change will make the situation even worse.
  • Energy efficiency is a key argument regarding sustainability – the service life of the S.CAP battery is specified with a period of up to 5 years.

Daniel Wagner


Hydrants are often damaged by incorrect operation. Unauthorized commissioning also falsifies the water balance. The consequences can be even more serious if an unauthorized water withdrawal takes place without a safety/check valve and this leads to pollution or contamination in the drinking water piping network.

In combination with the S.CAP-system, all hydrants are monitored online, and the supplier keeps track of the water withdrawals. Additionally, the supplier can check the important and direct access to the drinking water piping network.
The administration is managed in the HAWLE.MAP. Operated hydrants are geographically displayed in real time/online.

The immediate notification via SMS and/or e-mail can be configured using an alarm call plan.

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